Royal Arch Chapter

Royal Arch Chapter

In this constantly changing world, Masonic ritual is also changeable. What we have received from our Masonic fathers is good and wonderful, which has been scrutinised and altered from time to time. Unfortunately some of the changes which have been made have not been made to the best of Masonic knowledge and traditions.

The executive committee of Grand Lodge have thoroughly examined and discussed these changes and now put forward a reasonable form and standard ritual, all of which we recommend to our sympathetic attention of our Royal Arch Masons.

Our recommendation of the ritual comes for a good reason, it enables different companions to share the ritual in this way “it means a change of voice’s, thus making those present more attentive to and receptive of the meaning of the Royal Arch ritual.

On that point Companions, Bro Rudyard Kipling said, “There are nine and sixty ways of constructing tribal lays, and every- single- one- of- them-is-right”. His principal is non the less true to Freemasonry.

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