Lodge of Sorrow

The Great Architect of the Universe, having been pleased to remove our brothers cares and troubles of this transitory existence.

28th April 2019Anthony CortCamulot No. 1
4th September 2019John Michael Bellinger-SmithCamulot No. 1
27th September 2019David F Bradley-WrightCamulot No. 1
29th April 2010John Henry ElandCamulot No. 1
6th June 2011João Quedas MarquesSão Jorge No. 3
8th June 2011Sidney WinstockPerseverance y Sinceridad No. 2
18th December 2011William Joseph WilliamsonPerseverance y Sinceridad No. 2
27th November 2014Alex F. RingoseCamulot No. 1
JanuaryR.W.Bro.Rene Duperrey DGMPerseverance y Sinceridad No. 2