Lodge of Sorrow

Grand Lodge of Sorrow

The Great Architect of the Universe, having been pleased to remove our brothers cares and troubles of this transitory existence.

28th April 2019
Anthony Cort
Camulot No. 1
4th September 2019
John Michael Bellinger-Smith
Camulot No. 1
27th September 2019
David F Bradley-Wright
Camulot No. 1
29th April 2010
John Henry Eland
Camulot No. 1
6th June 2011
João Quedas Marques
São Jorge No. 3
8th June 2011
Sidney Winstock
Perseverance y Sinceridad No. 2
18th December 2011
William Joseph Williamson
Perseverance y Sinceridad No. 2
27th November 2014
Alex F. Ringose
Camulot No. 1
R.W.Bro.Rene Duperrey DGM
Sinceridad No. 2




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